Wednesday 9 August 2017

Cenk on Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Threat: Get Him Out Now!

Cenk’s anger over Trump’s fire and fury” comment yesterday was so great and he got into such a rant over it, he apparently felt the need to censor his monologue in the video-clip as posted above to YouTube.

Cenk’s entire monolog as his final word on Trump and Kim (for now) was made available in The Young Turks official video podcast from yesterday, though. You can watch the podcast here, for example. Cenk’s concluding monologue can be seen from 12:52 to 15:42 in the video.

For your convenience, here is a transcript of Cenk’s entire monologue. The final part omitted from the YouTube video-clip is highlighted in yellow.

That’s exactly what I’m worried about. It is a combination of incompetence and hubris. [...]

Here is Trump thinking, “Man, I keep getting bankrupt and I keep getting bailed out! And, you know, I ran a disastrous campaign, and I got bailed out by someone who’s even worse than me! So, I’m untouchable, I’m a genius, this has all worked out for me! So, what am I gonna do? What do we have the nukes for?” He said that in the past; he said, “What do we have the nukes for, if we’re not gonna use them?” He doesn’t think through the consequences of anything, and he thinks, “We’re America; they’re North Korea. We’re going to ‘win’.”

What does “win” mean? I mean, look at what happened in Iraq. We “won” by deposing Saddam Hussein, and then invited a gigantic colossal nightmare that then killed so many of our troops, so many Iraqi civilians, destabilized the Middle East, created ISIS – and Iraq does not have as many weapons as North Korea does. And there, they were not as entrenched, and there were not as near civilian populations like Soul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan, etc.

This guy... we gotta get him out of office immediately! Immediately! Look, if... Look, this resistance and all that stuff – it’s a lot of pattycakes, OK? Lots of just playing around.

No, no, no! We gotta act right now! This guy is a danger to the whole world; he’s gonna get all of these people killed.

If you’re worried about World War III, you’re worried about the “deep state”, you should be doubly worried about Trump. You gotta get him out right now. It’s time to end this nonsense with like, “Oh, but we’ll help him on tax reform... but, you know, we’ll kind of fight him on health care...”

No – get him out, get him out, get him out! ’Cause this guy is gonna start a war. And God help people in that region. I don’t think North Korea can reach us – although, we don’t know for sure. And they might not be able to reach us with nukes, but they might be able to reach us with missiles, conventional missiles.

God help us all if Trump – this idiot, this arrogant, stupid, incompetent spoiled child – starts that war, ’cause it’s gonna be “fire and fury” for all of us.

Throw him out of office right the fuck now! OK? I don’t know how you’re gonna do it, but Mueller, hurry up – we don’t have time! Hurry the fuck up! I already know he did a deal with the Russians. It’s so fucking obvious! Get in there – I know, you should be deliberate, you should take longer, I know; these are not normal times. You gotta get this fucking manchild out of office before he gets millions of people killed.

I’m not kidding! That’s where we are today.

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